The Letter | 23 April, Tues, 7pm, Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium

At a rubber plantation in the periphery of Singapore, gun shots ring out in the dead of night. A man staggers out, followed by a woman holding the gun. As the trial continues with the woman claiming self defence, a letter in her own handwriting addressed to the deceased man appears. What truths will the letter uncover.




Chasing_The_DragonWild Wild EastChina Seas (1935)

Out of Singapore

Across To Singapore (1928)

Wed, 24 Oct 2012, 7.30pm
NUS Museum


The Tiger of Malaya, Marai no Tora (1943)

The Tiger of Malaya or Marai no Tora retells the life story of Tani Yutaka. Born in Terrenganu in 1910, Tani Yutaka was nicknamed “Harimau” during his days as a Japanese guerilla along the southern Thailand border. He died young at the age of 32 after being struck down with malaria, shortly after the fall of Singapore.

Film is in Japanese with English subtitles done by NUS students from LAJ3205 (Media Japanese) and is co-presented with the Centre for Language Studies.
Free admission. To register, please email

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