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On 8 December 1941, British Malaya surrendered to Japan on 15 February 1942.  Although the Japanese were quick to utilize the studios of other occupied Southeast Asian nations, especially the Philippines and Indonesia, for the production of films, they seemed to take little interest in those of Singapore. Nevertheless, some interesting films were produced during this period of change. Besides documentary features such as Mare Senki (1942), Malaya was brought to Japan through the popular feature film Marai no Tora (1943).
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マライの虎 Marai no Tora [The Tiger of Malaya] (1943)
In conjunction with Centre for Language Studies (Japanese) , NUS

Malaya’s Other Tiger
The Many Lives of the Tiger of Malaya

The Tiger of Malaya or Marai no Tora retells the life story of Tani Yutaka. Born in Terrenganu in 1910, Tani Yutaka was nicknamed “Harimau” during his days as a Japanese guerilla along the southern Thailand border. He died young at the age of 32 after being struck down with malaria, shortly after the fall of Singapore.

マレ戦記: 進撃の記録 Mare Senki: Shingeki no kiroku [Records of the Japanese Invasion of Malaya] (1942)

This Japanese news reel contains a detailed account of the invasion of Malaya. What is especially intriguing is the use of British stock footage in this black-and-white reel.

Please note that this film will not be screened due to copyrights issues

マレ戦記: 昭南鳥誕生 Mare senki: Shonanto tanjo [The Birth of Shonanto] (1942)

A short introduction to Singapore, this Japanese documentary offers a useful comparison with the travelogues produced by other nations and during different periods, highlighting the timelessness of certain thematic lenses in which Singapore has been presented on film.

Please note that this film will not be screened due to copyrights issues


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