Location Scouting in “Bring ‘Em Back Alive”(1932), “Wild Cargo”(1934), “Fang and Claw”(1935) & “Jungle Cavalcade”(1941)

Check out SGFilmHunter’s detailed post on the various locations used in Bring ‘Em Back Alive!


Film Title: Bring ‘Em Back Alive
Year of Release: 1932
Directed by Clyde D. Elliott
Story by Frank Buck
Produced by Van Beuren Studios
Released by RKO Studios

A jungle adventure documentary filmed in Malaya. Frank Buck, American hunter/collector/trader of wild animals, travels with Dahlam Ali, “his number one boy”, on an expedition into the Malayan jungle. From their jungle headquarters just north of Singapore, Frank, Ali and a team of native helpers roam the area from Northern Johore to Perak in search of interesting wild animals, reptiles and birds.

Film Title: Wild Cargo
Year of Release: 1934
Directed by Armand Denis
Produced by Van Beuren Studios
This is another jungle adventure documentary starring Frank Buck. Buck depicts the ingenious methods by which he traps wild birds, mammals and reptiles. Many scenes were photographed on the vast Malayan estates of Buck’s friend, Sultan Ibrahim of Johor.

Film Title: Fang and Claw
Year of…

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