Marai no Tora: Coming to screens in Syonan-To

Marai no Tora: Coming to Screens in Syonan-To NUS Museum

Syonan Times Saturday July 17 Showa 18 (1943) p3

This newspaper clipping from page 3 of Syonan Times, July 17, 1943, reveals that Marai no Tora was to be distributed to Nampo (Southern Regions), which included Malaya and Singapore.

Anglo-American Films to be Banned from September 1943

This was hardly surprising news, given that Anglo American films were to be banned from September 1943. The news of some narrative films to break the monotony of ‘documentary films’ such as On to Singapore would have offered some respite to those who could still afford to frequent the cinemas.

Certainly, that leads one to wonder how it would have been received in these parts of the world. Would it have been understood? Was it subtitled or interpreted? Perhaps, the spoiler-filled synopsis provided in the Syonan Times article was to prevent the propagadistic message of the film from being lost in translation.

Do join us this coming Wednesday, 24 October, 2012, at 7.30pm, for a screening of Marai no Tora (with subtitles and not be lost in translation).

Follow this blog for more quirky posts on upcoming screenings/ongoing screenings. If you have any research on the moving image archive in Malaya to share with the NUS Museum and its community, do feel free to contact us!

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